Alba Tankers
Stigsborgvej 60,
DK-9400  Noerresundby.
Phone: +45-98 16 30 33 

Vision and Mission
Alba Tankers

Alba Tankers is a limited Company established November 18th 2014. The Company is committed to maintaining commercial and technical management of owned vessels.


We are an innovative and reliable partner, which is well experienced within the tanker market. We provide first class, serious management with extensive focus on safety.


Our Fleet consist of small modern tankers trading cpp/dpp products worldwide.
The majority of our vessels are engaged in bunkering, both offshore, in high seas and in port.
Therefore, all group owned vessels are equipped to meet our Customers requirements for side by side or stern line bunkering.


With our focus on safety, part of our fleet has been equipped for and entered into the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) work. This specially equipped fleet can actively participate in clean up operation in case oil pollution should occur in Scandinavian waters.


Besides trading in the bunkering segment part of our fleet is dedicated to trading dpp/crudeoil in the North West Europe spot market, where we enjoy the support from various Oil Majors and trading houses.